College & Career Readiness

Be Empowered. Be Ready. Be a Success.

BE GREAT Academy College & Career Readiness Youth Programs & Initiatives

College & Career Readiness programs are specifically designed to help members plan for their futures with career exploration, job readiness training, and college prep.

Career Launch

Career Launch covers a series of programs that: introduce members to a variety of diverse occupations;  help members chart a course through education and vocational training; develop career skills & habits that will set members up for success; and practice resume writing, interview etiquette and public speaking.

Junior Staff

This Work-Based-Learning program allows for teenage members to start off in the workforce in a friendly, positive and supportive environment. Many Junior Staff take positions in their local Boys & Girls Clubs but others find opportunities within their communities. Junior Staff provides members guidance and structure to help them develop and maintain their first jobs.

Goals for Growth

Goals for Growth introduce academic goal setting for elementary & middle school members by linking their future aspirations with concrete actions.  In goal-setting sessions, members set achievable goals.  Members create an action plan with daily and weekly goals leading to short and long term gains.